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Principal Direct Payment

A successful Claimant may enforce the Adjudication Decision by requesting direct payment from the Principal of the Respondent. 

High Success Rate

AIAC recorded 89.28% of success rate where the Adjudication Decision is awarded in Claimant's favour. 


CIPAA Adjudication Decision will be ready in 80-95 days from the date of filing of Payment Claim. 

Pay Now, Argue Later

No avenue to appeal against the Adjudication Decision and the Employer has to pay now, and argue it later in court / arbitration.

Conditional Clause is void

Back-to-back or Pay-if-Paid Clause is null and void under CIPAA and the Employer cannot use this as an excuse of non-payment

What is CIPAA 2012?

CIPAA means for Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012.

CIPAA is a legislation enacted on 15th April 2014 by the Parliament of Malaysia to resolve the construction payment dispute and alleviate the cash flow speedily and expeditiously in the construction industry through the statutory CIPAA adjudication proceeding. 

About CIPAA Consulting

We have been involved in innumerable CIPAA Adjudication Proceedings,. We represent both the Unpaid Party / Claimant to mount the CIPAA Claim to recover outstanding payment and the Non-Paying / Respondent to defend the Employer / Main Contractor against CIPAA Claims. 

Combining both the practical experience and the technical know-how, we take great pride in providing high quality consultancy service for construction payment dispute and highly specialised in CIPAA adjudication.

To Inform and To Empower

In an effort to empower the construction practitioner, CIPAA Consulting also provides general information, latest news and case updates on issues relating to construction industry and CIPAA Adjudication.

We understand the enormous financial pressure faced in the construction industry in Malaysia ranging from the Developer, Contractor to the Consultant. As such, our first consultation is completely free of charge. 

There is no obligations on your part and you are free to walk away if you decide not to engage us as your representative.

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CIPAA is the abbreviation for “Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012”, a piece of legislation passed by the Malaysian Parliament.

More commonly, CIPAA refers to the adjudication proceeding mechanisms introduced by the Act to recover construction payment.

CIPAA Adjudication Proceeding is akin to arbitration / litigation (court proceeding) where a judge (known as Adjudicator) will be appointed to decide on the payment dispute and make a decision (known as Adjudication Decision).

Payment Claim -> Payment Response -> Notice of Adjudication -> Appointment of Adjudicator -> Adjudication Claim -> Adjudication Response -> Adjudication Decision

  1. The Unpaid Party initiates the action by serving a Payment Claim to the Non-Paying Party.
  2. Subsequently, the Non-Paying Party may serve a Payment Response within 10 working days, to deny or admit the claimed sum.
  3. If the Non-Paying Party denies the claimed sum wholly or in part, the Unpaid Party may proceed to initiate the Adjudication Proceeding by serving the Notice of Adjudication.
  4. The parties may then appoint the Adjudicator by mutual agreement or alternatively, request the Director of Asian International Arbitration Centre to appoint the Adjudicator.
  5. Once the Adjudicator is appointed, the Claimant will be directed to file and serve the Adjudication Claim to provide explanation of its claimed sum within 10 working days from the appointment.
  6. The Respondent shall file and serve the Adjudication Response within 10 working days to explain the grounds of disputing the claimed sum.
  7. The Claimant may file and serve the Adjudication Reply within 5 working days to rebut Respondent’s defences.
  8. Lastly, the Adjudicator will render the Adjudication Decision within 45 working days. 

CIPAA Adjudication Proceeding only takes about 90 – 105  working days to complete.

  1. Adjudicator’s Cost and AIAC’s Administrative Fee which is a scale fee based on claimed amount. (click here to find out more)
  2. Legal Fee / Consultant Fee. (Contact us for our fee quote)