At CIPAA Consulting, our guiding principle is always to lend a free hand to the Contractor and Consultant from the unscrupulous Employer.

At the same time, we also advises Employer against unreasonable Contractor / Consultant who seeks to take advantage of CIPAA to exert unnecessary and unfair pressure to the Employer.

We understand the financial pressure faced in the construction industry and as such, we now offer free CIPAA consultation for your first consultation. There is no obligation on your part and you are free to walk away if you decide not to engage us as your representative.

In the effort to increase the transparency of our service and to provide the fullest understanding to our valued client, we set out below the  steps in the first free CIPAA consultation:-

Step 1: Conflict Check 

Step 2: Fact-Finding

Step 3: Identifying Instructions / Objectives

Step 4: Advisory: Strategy/Solution/Moving Forward Plans

Free CIPAA Consultation Advice | CIPAA Consulting | Malaysia

Step 1 of CIPAA Consultation: Conflict check

We will first conduct a conflict and background check to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with our existing cases.

At this stage, we will enquire the project details (such as name, location, developer) and the parties’ involved.

At CIPAA Consulting, we value our client’s interest and we always put our client’s interest first. As such, we will have to turn away cases/brief where there is a potential conflict of interest.

If there is no conflict for us to advise you, we will start our free CIPAA consultation and advise you accordingly. 

Step 2 of CIPAA Consultation: Fact-finding 

In order to give you a meaningful free CIPAA consultation and advice, we will conduct a fact-finding exercise. We will require information such as:-

  • Nature of the dispute (whether this is an issue of non-certification, under-certification, non-payment of certificate, loss & expenses, etc)
  • The background giving rise to the dispute;

At this stage, we will require you to inform us the predicament / difficulties faced. If need be, we will also review the relevant contract, documents and materials to further understand the matter.

All the information given and divulged to us will be kept private and confidential and will not be leaked to any third party. 

Step 3 of CIPAA Consultation: Identifying Instructions / Objectives

Moving forward, we will identify your objectives whether it is to recover non-payment, to exert pressure to the opponent, or for a short-term solution to alleviate cashflow

Step 4 of CIPAA Consultation: Advisory: Strategy / Solution / Moving Forward Plan

This is where we come in to assess and evaluation the strength and weakness, pros & cons of your case.

In the case of launching a CIPAA claim, we will advise you on the viability of your claim not only in the legal and claim perspective but also on a pragmatic perspective, i.e. cost-benefit analysis.

If the situation permits, we will also provide on-going advisory work to build up your case.

In the case of defending a CIPAA claim, we will advise you on the strength of the CIPAA claim and the potential defences you may have against the CIPAA claim from both substantive and technical aspect.

That’s it! Your free CIPAA Consultation session is completed now. 

Note: Subject to your preference, the free CIPAA consultation session can be conducted by way of face-to-face, teleconference, video-conference by skype / zoom, email, or Whatsapp