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Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012

Tag: View Esteem Sdn Bhd v Bina Puri Sdn Bhd

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Received a CIPAA Payment Claim? What should you do?

What should you really do if you receive a CIPAA Payment Claim, alleging that there is outstanding payment being due and payable? What should you do under the circumstance if you wish to challenge the claim?

This article explores the steps ought to be taken by a Non-Paying Party upon the receipt of a CIPAA Payment Claim (Form 5).

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CASE UPDATE: The Failure to file CIPAA Payment Response does not preclude the raising of New Defences in Adjudication Response

View Esteem Sdn Bhd v Bina Puri Holdings Bhd [2018] 2 MLJ 22
By virtue of the Federal Court’s decision, there is no repercussion to a Non-Paying Party/ Respondent in not filing the Payment Response.

For strategic reason, the Non-Paying Party/Respondent may want to submit a scanty Payment Response or not submitting the Payment Response at all to preserve the element of surprise and ambush the Unpaid Party/Claimant at the Adjudication Response stage, bearing in mind that the Unpaid Party/Claimant only has 5 working days to file Adjudication Reply from the receipt of Adjudication Response.

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